How to Create the Right Hair Care Routine for You

With the help of your All Things Hair Personal Hairstylist, you're going to find out the best hair care products and tips for you. You can even get a virtual makeover!

A good hair care routine is essential in ensuring that your hair stays healthy and beautiful. It involves choosing the right shampoo, conditioner, and treatment products for your hair and following a regimen that helps you achieve your hair goals. Hair care routines may differ from one person to another because hair types and needs vary as well.

If you’re not sure what hair care routine suits your hair best, our All Things Hair Personal Hairstylist is ready to help! Read on to learn more about your new personalized hair care regimen.

With just a few clicks on your phone, you’ll see hair products and tips tailored for you. Here’s how.

1. Connect through Facebook messenger.

Go to the All Things Hair PH Facebook messenger to chat with your virtual personal hairstylist.

2. Click “Create Routine.”

Screenshot of a chatbot's personalized hair care routine option
Your All Things Hair Personal Hairstylist can help you come up with a hair care routine.

Fill in your All Things Hair Personal Hairstylist about your hair goal. Do you want strong and long hair? Straight and frizz-free? How about more volume? Click the option that matches your hair goal.

3. Choose your scalp type, styling methods, and recent salon treatments.

Screenshot of All Things Hair chatbot's personalized hair care routine
Just answer a few questions about your hair.

Is your scalp greasy or dry? Do you blow-dry or iron your hair often? Have you had your hair bleached or color-treated recently? Let your virtual personal hairstylist know to get the right recommendations.

4. Check out the product recommendations.

Screenshot of hair care routine product recommendations
You can purchase these products online by clicking “Buy Now.”

Take a look at the set of products recommended to you. Depending on your hair goals, you may be given a shampoo, a conditioner, a hair treatment mask, and a styling product. If you don’t like the recommendations, or you’d like to see more products, just click “Swap Product” to check out other options.

5. Establish your hair care routine!

Screenshot of hair care routine articles and tips
Read more about your new hair care routine on

Click “Regimen details” to see different articles detailing the tips that will help you achieve your hair goal.

With hair that’s beautiful and well taken care of, the next thing you might ask is how to style it. After all, what better way to showcase your hair than by trying out different looks. Do you leave it down or do you tie it in a ponytail? Should you cut it? Well, your All Things Hair Personal Hairstylist has got you covered on that, too! It lets you play with different hairstyles through its virtual try-on feature. Just follow these simple steps to get your own virtual makeover.

1. Click “Try On Styles.”

Screenshot of All Things Hair chatbot's virtual makeover
Get ready for your virtual makeover.

You can be as playful as you want, and if you’re ready for the unexpected, click “Suprise Me!” Want to narrow down the choices and get tailored recommendations? It’s all good. Just click “Match My Style” and your assistant’s got your back.

2. Upload your selfie.

Screenshot of All Things Hair Chatbot's instructions for the virtual makeover
Make sure your face is seen clearly in your photo.

Snap a new photo using your phone camera, or upload an existing one. Just make sure that you’re looking straight into the camera, your hair is pulled back, and you’re not wearing eyeglasses or any accessories in your photo.

3. Enjoy!

Screenshot of All Things Hair Chatbot's virtual makeover
Voila! Say hello to your new look!

Have fun checking out the different hairstyle recommendations. You can even save these photos so you can check them out again later on.

With the help of your All Thing Hair Personal Hairstylist, it’s easy to create the hair care routine that suits you best. You even get a free virtual makeover! Try these features now and share the news with your friends.

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